High priestess Rose full moon ceremony online feb 27 maart REPLAY


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This full moon in Dragon Year will bring us a lot according to your feminine energy.

During this full moon, I will guide you through a magical rose healing ceremony.
The rose energy is connected with our womb space.
And brings magical shifts according to your wealth, health, and manifestation power.

Maria Magdalena showed me the power of the rose and to give birth to claim my sensual independent self. This helped me to manifest more abundance into my life and feel way more aligned with who I am and what I have to bring to create also more abundance.

What you will take out of this ceremony is:
– It will help you connect on a deeper level with yourself and your divine feminine power
– Gives you a more relaxed feeling of feeling worthy
– If you currently going through a new identity shift this ceremony will help you to find peace and safety no matter what I’ve got me.
– If you struggle with insecurity around yourself, your ability to grow or not always feel connected to yourself or your body you can allow yourself to ground more in this ceremony and feel also guided on a deeper level to let yourself be carried.
– Moon’s energy will help you get back to your grounded power and your energy
– We cleanse what is no longer serving you and get rid of all the areas of your life where you have given your energy and power away.

Preferably you need your favorite rose color and taste which will help you heal the feminine layers
and will guide you in this ceremony to claim that radiance within yourself from your womb area.

Struggle currently with Where am I at this moment, what is right/wrong, and how to stay connected and fully aware of changes in my life.
Just say YES to yourself and join me in this magical ceremony.

This ceremony will take place 1,5 hours.