1 on 1 Activeren van je S*xuele levensenergie


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Are you currently pregnant
or gave birth to a beautiful child?
Being a mother and woman who just wants to take care more of herself and her own womb space?
Are you currently switching to a new identity and looking for inner peace, strength, worthiness, balance, and being carried?

This activation is for you beautiful woman. Celebrating again all that you are!

Sometimes we just have to give love to our woman body. Especially to our womb space. As this is something new for you
this era in your life will give you so much pleasure, joy, safety, success, and feel alive.

You can see this womb area as your queen dom. You have to take care of this area to be able to be yourself, free yourself, feel connected with your feminine, find your inner peace, find balance, and happiness, and rest within yourself

This area of your human body is such a magical gift.
And we all tend to connect with our womb space.

Because in this area we give birth to our creations, give life, feel worthy, feel safe,
our life force energy is what we awaken during this Ankh healing session.

Do you want to feel worthy, and more feminine, but also cleanse your body of what is distracting you currently of
manifesting a baby, or manifesting what you desire.

During an s*xual activation session I tune in to your body and give it exactly what is needed. We focus on your beautiful womb area and give it the softness, courage, safety, and LOVE it needs.

Feel LOVE for yourself. And gratitude.
After giving so much to others, your children, and your clients, now it is time to soften relax, and nurture your body with this beautiful ritual for yourself.

It will cleanse old energies that are stuck in your womb space.
It will beautifully heal your birth trauma, your cesarean section, your miscarriage, and stuck energy which will cost you energy and influence whether or not you can become pregnant while you long for being a mom.

So we make room for the amazing love for yourself to feel on a much deeper layer than you ever felt before.
During this Ankh healing, I will carry you into a beautiful divine session you feel awakened, and energized again.

You can plan your 1 on 1 session with me here: https://calendly.com/elizabethkievits/kennismakingsgesprek