Feminine high frequency healing energy session: transmuting into the new you


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a healing energy session which will guide you into the new you.
A new world, a new you. We need you to be a leader, to step into your power. To set boundaries. Set intentions
And create the world you want to see. We need you!! As a leader, as a guide to help this world transmuting into the new energy
of gold, of creation.
this session is for energy healers. For light workers, for coaches who wanted to work with this new energy. With this 5D energy and transmute
into healing power. You will receive a massive update, transformation, guidance, appearance will change into high leadership frequency.
For you own company you need new boundaries, new energys which needed to be implemintated into frequencys you can’t see but you need to FEEL.
This session is for leaders, for guides for new leadership woman who wanted to guide their clients with this energy. For themselves it is important that they have enough energy to carry themselves and their clients.
You have to hold yourself. This new earth energy is transmuting very fast and we need you to be aware of yourself. Give yourself the love and the energy to transmute into this new frequency. This session is related into power, guidance, alter ego and feminine boundaries.

We set intentions, boundaries, we build a new energy of high potential leadership. You will be guided into a new frequency of guiding, coaching and you will be initiated into a new reality of high frequencys.

Elizabeth is your guide. She will provide you a clean session overall and will be your leader for this session. This healing is new, is high frequency, is allover the place and will help you grow fast and help you for leadership qualities.

Have a new way of leadership quality. You need to know that your leadership has to shift to a new earth teaching. A new earth teaching which will guide you into a new reality. And this reality is the new you. Your potential clients will come, will shift and you will shift your pricing offer and your boundaries. A new way of creating is to be aware of your energy and use your energy wisely.

From 1 to 3 you will be guided and transmuted into a new reality.

Long story shor: this session is for guides, leaders, femiinine leadership and high quality. Which will bring you into a new reality of how to set up your business from a high frequency energy. The result of this session will be that you are more aware of your own and new potential as a new female leader which will use the new high frequency of the new earth teaching. We need to grow together.

Let’s rise together and use your power wisely. Follow this lesson and session and you will be guided into a new higher level of leadership frequency.

Looking forward to meet you and level up with you.

Please fill in below sentence your address and personal details so we can make an agreement together to plan a session together with Elizabeth. Hope to see you soon 🙂 The session takes half an hour.